Ancient empires once cast long shadows over a world that quaked beneath the giants' feet. In those lost days, these towering figures were dragon slayers, dreamers, crafters, and kings, but their kind fell from glory long ago. However, even divided among secluded clans scattered throughout the world, the giants maintain the customs and traditions of old.

Since the dawn of time, the giant god Annam the All-Father decreed the order of power between the different giant races. This ranking is called the Ordning. It's like this, from most to least powerful: 

  1. Storm Giants
  2. Cloud Giants
  3. Fire Giants
  4. Frost Giants
  5. Stone Giants 
  6. Hill Giants

Because the good-aligned Storm Giants have always been in charge, the evil lesser giant races have never bothered the small folk too much. However, for some reason Annam has recently broken up the Ordning. Now giant lords from all over the Savage North scramble to find ways to please Annam, thereby raising their rank in the Ordning. If an evil race were to end up on top, this could spell doom for the goodly small folk…

Giants of interest: 

  • Count Nimbolo, his wife and their son and daughter: a friendly cloud giant family who appeared over the Starmetal Hills. 
  • Countess Sansuri: an evil cloud giant lord who tries to find dragon magic to appease Annam. 
  • Duke Zalto: a fire giant lord whose fire giants attacked Triboar.


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