Sven King's Thunder

Session #5 Attack on Gruthog

Gruthog apperently is a big Giant house on top of a rock full of caves and surrounded by a wooden wall. Next to it is a dam with the river next to it with a guard tower. We send our femHill army into the palisade, while we shortly check the little house in front of it. 

The little house is a smithy, where there are some hobgoblins working there. We subjugate the smith-ess, torch one hobgoblin and cask the last one. After some intense interrogation the smith-ess tells some alternative route into the compound. We (poorly) disguise ourself as hobgoblins and decide to take the route throught the harbor. But we halfway we get derailed into the kitchen after meeting some other hobgoblins. 

Meanwhile the femHills start to make some ruckus as they 'claim' their mates. 

As we enter the kitchen, we see a halfling that is to be grilled. We make short work of the kitchen staff, except one warns the main hall next door. We get flanked by some other hobgoblins (with a selfnarating Harbor master). The hobgoblins are easily dispatched. The harbor master quickly regrets his life decisions and flees (but whom we surely will meet again someday).  

In the main hall a Big Fat Hill Giant, Gru, in a sort of wheelchair is shouting with our last femHills. As we enter the main hall, it is on! We fight bravely, but things seem to get bad untill, with the help of a fire wall and the Goat of Awesomeness we turn the tide. With all enemy forces down and Gru immobilised, victory is near. We grease Gru and then Isla and McGrissle grab the wheel chair and wheel her into a pit, where Gru falls on several pigs. She gets helped downstairs by some bug bears that tend the pigs. 

Meanwhile we quickly loot her stash: lots of gold and some random art objects (840 gp / p) , a belt with some giant encravings on it, a pouch of dust, a very light ring, a colourful wand and a horn.


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