Sven King's Thunder

Session #4 Prancing with Hill Giants

After our encounter with the Stone Giants, we continue to Katebree in Longsaddle. She seems to stay in the Ivy Mansion with the Harpel family (a bunch of excentric wizards).  Before we go to the mansion we first check out Longsaddle. Emil finds a knight with a broken lute there (SM). He needs help to take revenge on some Ice Giants that killed his horse. And squire. Maybe they'll even kill ALL of Ice Giantkind with a bit of help from the Yarl. We decline for the moment. He says if we reconsider, he's to be found in the Wandering Wizard.

We also meet a ranger named McGrissle. He's trying to sell some dogs, cause he won't be able take care of them after a Hill Giant killed some of his other dogs and he got hurt. At first Bree tries to buy one, but as she will need to take them into battle, McGrissle. We do promise to get back to him next day and help him hunt the Hill Giants responsible.

We continue to the Ivy  Mansion. We meet there Boba Harpel. After showing us the shield around the mansion, he leads us to Katebree. After we tell her what's up (stolen primordial, drow, etc.), she tells us she can't really help us. Her connection with the primordial is through her ring and staff. But she can make a copy of the staff, which might help a little. Bert helps her and takes the staff. He now can sense it in some fashion. 

We sleep at the mansion. Halfway through the night, some of us wake up from wolf howls. Pan and Bree check it out. Apperently it are some werewolves, so we make em shut up.

Next day we meet McGrissle again. We go to the place where he got attacked and follow the tracks from there. We find a sad female Hill Giant, Mug, in a tower. Goo, another female Hill Giant and probably the leader, stole her guy. We cheer her up some with a promise to help her get her man back and a nice ribbon. She shows us some more sad femhill Giants, for whom we do the same. We notice the femhills get forgetsome when they're hungry, so Bree casts the next days Goodberries to keep them satisfied enough to not eat us. We then come upon Gruthog, Home of the Hill Giants and their hobgoblin servants.


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