Sven King's Thunder

Session #3 Meeting the King

As we come near Gauntlegrym, the Bastion of Dwarfiness in this world, we are escorted by two dwarves: Atteygate (male, black bearded dwarf with double morningstars) and Ambergriss (female dwarf priestess of a large mace called Skull Crusher). They tell some about the city and it's former occupants. The city is buzzing with activity. A lot of ppl now live here and we see dignataries from all over this region. AND DRIZZT WAS HERE!!!

When we arrive in the hall of the king, there's a big line. Some of our party get out some booze to kill the time. The guards see this and give signs of "dehydration". Bree decides to offer them some and suddenly the queue is way shorter.

We meet king Bruenor Battlehammer. Pan slightly annoys him, so the rest of the party step in. We offer him the chess piece, which he accepts gracefully. The suddenly some wounded dwarves rush in and tell the Foundry has been breached by drow. They somehow stole the fire dawn titan called Majera, which was trapped under the Foundry.

Our party (we need a name!) rushes to the Foundry, or where they think it should be. And cause a 'slight' confusion on the way. While we 'methodically' search the area for the Foundry, we chance upon a party of drow. Battle ensues and we delay most of them with our blood, flesh and (wo)manly screams, untill the dwarves arrive to kill em off. Only the drow with the elemental are able to escape.

The king asks (more capable) dwarves and us to find Majera. He sends us to his daughter (WHO IS MARRIED TO DRIZZT!!!) in Longsaddle, cause she made a connection with the dawn titan.

During our travels, we hear some buildings collapses in the middle of nowhere. When we check it out, we see some rock giants destroying old, empty buildings and making 'art' out of them. We are about to leave them, when Ilsa hears them say something… and she charges into them. The battle starts really badly (Ilsa gets thrown into Pan, then a buildings get thrown on them), but Burt saves the day with a spell of his. While the giants are paralized, we kill them off. We find some loot and the continue our way towards Longsaddle.


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