Pan Ikso

Nervous but friendly, and mostly strange. Attracts Lightning


Pan’s a Far Traveler from Halruaa and follower/victim of Heyoka (local weather/ trickster god, think Aerdrie Faenya). When he was young, he accidently destroyed a favorite shrine of Heyoka. And since then, he has been hit by lightning 273 times. His hair is there fore in quite the disarray. And he’s also a little bit jumpy. He tried to bargain with his god, didn’t work. He travelled (fled) to the Sword Coast, didn’t help. Tried to find outside help (took a deal with Hyrsam), didn’t help. Maybe the spirits of nature itself will help him? He might be getting a little desperate. He doesn’t look very strong, but has learned to be very agile (but not quick enough to dodge lightning bolts…). And has weird clothes / manners for the ppls of the Sword Coast. But is very friendly otherwise…


Pan Ikso

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