Sven King's Thunder

Session #5 Attack on Gruthog

Gruthog apperently is a big Giant house on top of a rock full of caves and surrounded by a wooden wall. Next to it is a dam with the river next to it with a guard tower. We send our femHill army into the palisade, while we shortly check the little house in front of it. 

The little house is a smithy, where there are some hobgoblins working there. We subjugate the smith-ess, torch one hobgoblin and cask the last one. After some intense interrogation the smith-ess tells some alternative route into the compound. We (poorly) disguise ourself as hobgoblins and decide to take the route throught the harbor. But we halfway we get derailed into the kitchen after meeting some other hobgoblins. 

Meanwhile the femHills start to make some ruckus as they 'claim' their mates. 

As we enter the kitchen, we see a halfling that is to be grilled. We make short work of the kitchen staff, except one warns the main hall next door. We get flanked by some other hobgoblins (with a selfnarating Harbor master). The hobgoblins are easily dispatched. The harbor master quickly regrets his life decisions and flees (but whom we surely will meet again someday).  

In the main hall a Big Fat Hill Giant, Gru, in a sort of wheelchair is shouting with our last femHills. As we enter the main hall, it is on! We fight bravely, but things seem to get bad untill, with the help of a fire wall and the Goat of Awesomeness we turn the tide. With all enemy forces down and Gru immobilised, victory is near. We grease Gru and then Isla and McGrissle grab the wheel chair and wheel her into a pit, where Gru falls on several pigs. She gets helped downstairs by some bug bears that tend the pigs. 

Meanwhile we quickly loot her stash: lots of gold and some random art objects (840 gp / p) , a belt with some giant encravings on it, a pouch of dust, a very light ring, a colourful wand and a horn.

Session #4 Prancing with Hill Giants

After our encounter with the Stone Giants, we continue to Katebree in Longsaddle. She seems to stay in the Ivy Mansion with the Harpel family (a bunch of excentric wizards).  Before we go to the mansion we first check out Longsaddle. Emil finds a knight with a broken lute there (SM). He needs help to take revenge on some Ice Giants that killed his horse. And squire. Maybe they'll even kill ALL of Ice Giantkind with a bit of help from the Yarl. We decline for the moment. He says if we reconsider, he's to be found in the Wandering Wizard.

We also meet a ranger named McGrissle. He's trying to sell some dogs, cause he won't be able take care of them after a Hill Giant killed some of his other dogs and he got hurt. At first Bree tries to buy one, but as she will need to take them into battle, McGrissle. We do promise to get back to him next day and help him hunt the Hill Giants responsible.

We continue to the Ivy  Mansion. We meet there Boba Harpel. After showing us the shield around the mansion, he leads us to Katebree. After we tell her what's up (stolen primordial, drow, etc.), she tells us she can't really help us. Her connection with the primordial is through her ring and staff. But she can make a copy of the staff, which might help a little. Bert helps her and takes the staff. He now can sense it in some fashion. 

We sleep at the mansion. Halfway through the night, some of us wake up from wolf howls. Pan and Bree check it out. Apperently it are some werewolves, so we make em shut up.

Next day we meet McGrissle again. We go to the place where he got attacked and follow the tracks from there. We find a sad female Hill Giant, Mug, in a tower. Goo, another female Hill Giant and probably the leader, stole her guy. We cheer her up some with a promise to help her get her man back and a nice ribbon. She shows us some more sad femhill Giants, for whom we do the same. We notice the femhills get forgetsome when they're hungry, so Bree casts the next days Goodberries to keep them satisfied enough to not eat us. We then come upon Gruthog, Home of the Hill Giants and their hobgoblin servants.

Session #3 Meeting the King

As we come near Gauntlegrym, the Bastion of Dwarfiness in this world, we are escorted by two dwarves: Atteygate (male, black bearded dwarf with double morningstars) and Ambergriss (female dwarf priestess of a large mace called Skull Crusher). They tell some about the city and it's former occupants. The city is buzzing with activity. A lot of ppl now live here and we see dignataries from all over this region. AND DRIZZT WAS HERE!!!

When we arrive in the hall of the king, there's a big line. Some of our party get out some booze to kill the time. The guards see this and give signs of "dehydration". Bree decides to offer them some and suddenly the queue is way shorter.

We meet king Bruenor Battlehammer. Pan slightly annoys him, so the rest of the party step in. We offer him the chess piece, which he accepts gracefully. The suddenly some wounded dwarves rush in and tell the Foundry has been breached by drow. They somehow stole the fire dawn titan called Majera, which was trapped under the Foundry.

Our party (we need a name!) rushes to the Foundry, or where they think it should be. And cause a 'slight' confusion on the way. While we 'methodically' search the area for the Foundry, we chance upon a party of drow. Battle ensues and we delay most of them with our blood, flesh and (wo)manly screams, untill the dwarves arrive to kill em off. Only the drow with the elemental are able to escape.

The king asks (more capable) dwarves and us to find Majera. He sends us to his daughter (WHO IS MARRIED TO DRIZZT!!!) in Longsaddle, cause she made a connection with the dawn titan.

During our travels, we hear some buildings collapses in the middle of nowhere. When we check it out, we see some rock giants destroying old, empty buildings and making 'art' out of them. We are about to leave them, when Ilsa hears them say something… and she charges into them. The battle starts really badly (Ilsa gets thrown into Pan, then a buildings get thrown on them), but Burt saves the day with a spell of his. While the giants are paralized, we kill them off. We find some loot and the continue our way towards Longsaddle.

Session #2
A Sky full of Possibilities

During the aftermath of the Fire Giant attack on Triboar, we talked to the people that we saved:

Darathra Shendrel, Lord Protector of Triboar:  she reveals she's part of the Harpers. She asks us to inform the Harpers of the Giant threat. We should go east to Everlund, to an inn named Danivarr's House. There, we should show a platinum badge showing the Triboar insignia (three running boars) to Dral Thelev, the one-eyed half-orc innkeeper. 

Urgala Meltimer, the innkeeper: If we're going after the Giants, she might be able to help. She has a friend called Harthos (human) living in Zymorven Hall. He might be able to provide us with a great sword of Giant Slaying if we tell him we come from her. His castle, Zymorven Hall, is located northeast of Silverymoon, which is near Everlund. 

Narth Tezrin, the trader: If we're near Xantharl's Keep, there's a bounty of 5,000 gp on a dwarf called "The Weevil" that has been sighted there. 

We decide to check out the Oni lair first. We follow his tracks through the forest, across the road in to the Star Metal Hills, where we find the lair. We find some shinies + a nice red, magical crystal with some fire within (summons a fire elemental). When we leave the lair, we get jumped by some Uthgardt barbarians of the Elk tribe. Ilsa has some fun with them, and we continue. 

Some dwarves see us and we tell them of the Oni. Shocked and relieved by its demise, they treat us on a night in their secret village, Twilight Tor. We rest there after a very long day, while the village is stargazing and telling all kind of interesting stories about the stars.

During the stargazing session, some ppls see a cloud moving in a strange way. Ilsa has some prior bad (and good) experience with floating structures, so she, Emil and a local dwarf (Miros) follow it. They see Cloud Giants descent on griffins in a crater with a big meteorite (Heaven's Tear). They start an levitate ritual on the rock. Under rock appears a strange, shining metal. 

Knowing Cloud Giants are mostly neutral and more scholars, the more brave part of the party reveals themselves and talk to the Giants. Apparently they are the Nimbolo family and they're here to harvest the Stargleam (metal). This to appease Annam, The All-Father (Giant God) who has broken up the Ordning. That way they hope the elevate the Cloud Giants in the Ordning. That's probably also why the Fire Giants attacked Triboar (ordered by Duke Zalto). 

There is also an evil Cloud Giant, Countess Sansuri, who's looking for remnants of Dragon Magic with her flying castle somewhere in the Savage North. Currently topping the charts of the Ordning are the Storm Giants (they RULE!).  

Count Nimbolo offers some Stargleam for gold + a visit by Bree to their castle for a day (in bearform). We accept! With the help of the dwarves, we get some very sweet items + a gift for Bruenor Battlehammer (a king chess piece made from Stargleam). We are asked to deliver it to him in Gauntlgrym, under Mount Hotenow. If we tell them about the Fire Giants, they might help us. At the end of the session, we arrive at Gauntlgrym….

Session #1
A Fiery Start

We have left Neverwinter and have been traveling East some time toward Triboar.

We arrive in the town of Triboar. We get questioned by a member of The Twelve, the local city guard, and directed to a nice inn, the Northshield House. The inn is run by a retired female adventurer named Urgala Meltimer. After checking in, we meet Darathra Shendrel, the leader of The Twelve and the Lord Protector of Triboar. She tells us about a strange wizard named Hyuth Kolstaag living in a house on the hill, who got attacked recently. We meet Kolstaag (and his gargoyles) with the help of our resident wizard. He promise us some nice magic items if we track down who attacked him. We talk to the local horsekeepers, wohse poor son was killed by the fleeing assassins. They tell us they saw the attackers leave towards the south, in the direction of the town of Westbridge. 

We also heard of a forest nearby, where you might meet Gwaeron Windstrom, the god of tracking, if you sleep there. Some rangers have gone with him in the past. We sleep there except for Burt. During the night we get attacked by an Oni, which is probably the "god" ppls were talking about. But he eats them instead of taking them to a better place. We kill it.

We report it to Darathra Shendrel, who asks us to bring back the remains (what's left) of the rangers for their family. Then the town gets attacked by Orcs and Orogs riding Axebeaks, together with Magmins. The guard rushes to save farms on the outside of the town… but it was just a ruse! Their main force attacks the village itself, which we defend. During the fight a couple of Fire Giants appear with a black metal rod. When the rod points at the ground of the caravan parking lot, they start to dig. They dig up an huge ass C-shaped metal fragment, while we try to fend off the other enemies. Just as we kill the last Orog, the Giants move away, leaving us hurt and wearied in the burning village…


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